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What is at the Heart of Stonegate’s Success?

Stonegate Mortgage was founded in 2003 by Thomas Quann and is one of the largest independently owned mortgage companies in Massachusetts. Stonegate possesses the experience required to navigate consumers through the process of obtaining a great mortgage loan.  More than a billion dollars of closed loan volume passes through Stonegate Mortgage. For your conveneince they are licensed in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut – as well as its home state of Massachusetts.

Cutting through the confusion by taking your loan from “hello to close.”

When you work with Stonegate Mortgage, your advisor is the only person you work with from “hello to close.”  If you have worked with other banks, mortgage companies, or local credit unions you will find the loan originator is only there to say hello and capture your business.  Once the loan becomes active you are passed onto several people in the loan process.  You jump around from your original loan originator, to loan processor, to underwriter, to closer, a scheduler and then eventually the funder who completes your loan process.

Once you engage a Stonegate Mortgage Advisor they will be with you from the initial consultation all the way to the final closing day, no one else is ever involved. This is how we differentiate ourselves from our competition.  Why and how can we do this?  Easy, why is because we care more about your experience than our competition does.  We not only want to make this the best financing experience you’ve ever had, we want to make this the best business transaction you have ever conducted.

How is a little bit tougher for us but rest assured, we are capable.  Stonegate Mortgage advisors get more thorough training than regular loan originators.  We train our mortgage advisors on every aspect of the loan process which takes more time for Stonegate trainers and more brain power for your superstar mortgage advisor.  Wouldn’t you want to work with someone who knew every step of the process, inside and out?  As a result our process of communication is much more efficient, loans get closed faster and the entire process is as smooth as possible. For these reasons, we chose to be better by being different.


Thomas J. Quann III

Founder and President

Christopher L. Baker

Operations Manager

Adam T. Morgado

Mortgage Advisor

Bradford L. Deanseris

Mortgage Advisor

Clifford J. Cehelsky

Mortgage Advisor

Donna L. McKenna

Mortgage Advisor

Nicholas L. Fuller

Mortgage Advisor

Scott M. Hofmann

Mortgage Advisor

Philip M. Nash

Mortgage Advisor

Christopher P. MacMillan

Mortgage Advisor

Mary Paim

Production Assistant

Milena M. Mello

Mortgage Advisor

Nicole M. Gifford

Mortgage Advisor

Robert S. Pinto

Mortgage Advisor

Jacob J. Langello

Mortgage Advisor

Robert L. Serpa

Mortgage Advisor

Peter R. Larkin

Mortgage Advisor

Katrina M. Edwards

Mortgage Advisor

Evan Magnuson

Mortgage Advisor

Stonegate’s customer service approach is unmatched. If you are looking for an extremely knowledgeable and easy to deal with mortgage associates, Stonegate Mortgage is your only phone call.
Kevin K.

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